The 10 best white noise machines of 2023

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White noise generators provide sounds to cover up the various yapping dogs, clanging radiators, and late-night parties that can keep us agitated, awake, and anxious. These devices can also block out distracting noises during the day to aid concentration. 

Because it helps conceal unexpected bursts of noise that may make it easier for certain people to fall and stay asleep, constant white noise, such as that produced by a white noise machine, has been found to improve sleep quality.

To find products with a wide range of sound selections and excellent volume control for both heavy and light sleepers, we examined the top-rated white noise machines (as well as four white noise applications). The ones listed below rose to the top after several months of testing.

What are the uses of white noise machines? 

White noise machines are like magical sound boxes that make special sounds to help people in different ways. Here are some simple ways people use them:

  1. Sleep Better: Some people have trouble falling asleep because of noisy neighbors or sounds outside. White noise machines create a calming sound that covers up other noises, making it easier to sleep.

  2. Relax: White noise sounds are like gentle waves or soft wind. They can make you feel relaxed and less stressed. You can use them during yoga or meditation to feel peaceful.

  3. Concentrate: When you need to study or work, these machines can help you focus. The soft sounds can block out distracting noises, so you can concentrate better.

  4. Babies Sleep: Babies love white noise! It reminds them of being in the womb, so it helps them fall asleep and stay asleep longer. Parents use white noise machines in baby’s rooms to help them sleep soundly.

  5. Stop Tinnitus: Some people hear ringing or buzzing in their ears, called tinnitus. White noise can help reduce these annoying sounds and give relief.

  6. Manage Stress: Life can be stressful, but white noise can calm your mind. It’s like a friend that helps you relax and forget your worries.

Our Top Picks for White Noise Machines  for Relaxation- 

Here are a few best white noise machines that ensure a peaceful and soothing environment, helping you relax, sleep better, and find relief from unwanted noises and distractions.

1. LectroFan Classic-

There are copies of The Lectrofan Classic for adults and kids in numerous people’s homes. It is compact enough to fit on even the most congested cabinet top at 4 inches across and 2 inches tall.

There are no fires or bird sounds, but you can select from fans or a range of pink, brown, or white noise. It features a 60-minute timer, can be up to an incredible 85 decibels, or can be kept at a hardly audible volume. The American Academy of Paediatrics advises parents to keep sound machines below 50 decibels and more than 200 centimeters (6.5 feet) away from where their baby sleeps if they purchase for a child.

2. Yogasleep Dohm-

The Yogasleep Dohm is a wonderful alternative if you like a low-tech device and find fan noises to be relaxing. The Dohm employs a real fan to generate white noise, whereas the LectroFan EVO’s strong suit is its variety of electronically created noise alternatives. As a result, rather than sounding static, it has an earthier, more natural sound, like a whir. 

Despite the Yogasleep Dohm’s inability to hide noise and machines that produce a variety of white, pink, or brown sounds, some individuals find this to be more pleasant. While the new design makes controlling the pitch and volume easier, the Dohm is still large, and you have to twist the casing to fine-tune the sound physically. It costs roughly the same as the LectroFan.

3. Sound+Sleep-

The Sound+Sleep can help you unwind while masking noise with its 10 sound categories, which include white noise, nature sounds, and other ambient non-looping recordings. It has full, rich audio quality, and the design is simple. To build a complete soundscape, you can layer different noises (for example, putting seagull screams on top of crashing ocean waves). 

The so-called adaptive technology in Sound+Sleep automatically modifies the level as your surroundings change, making it simpler to drown out noise. The Sound+Sleep costs twice as much because of these bells and whistles, but it is worth it because of how simple it is to operate and the peaceful sounds it produces, especially if you also want to block out unpleasant noise.

4. Hatch Rest 2nd Gen-

The second-generation Hatch Rest includes two extra functions for kids: time-to-rest and time-to-rise lights, a sound machine, and a nightlight. Beacons are what they are, and they serve as useful reminders for grownups as well. This version also has a dimmable clock, and Wi-Fi rather than Bluetooth can control it. You can choose from the sound library, change the volume, and customize the colors in the app. 

The Hatch Rest’s on/off and sound cycle functions are activated by tapping the top of the device. To stop children from tampering with the settings, a child-lock feature allows them to operate the machine’s night light button.

5. Dreamegg D11-

This item is geared towards infants; it has a calming sh sound and a child lock on the rear to turn off the buttons. It’s nice to pick it up and travel where you need to go if you frequently stay in hotels, occasionally need to shut out distractions in your office or have a fussy youngster in the car.

The D11 offers 11 different sounds, including a fan, lullaby music, and even the noise of a crowded restaurant with hushed conversation. The swirl pattern serves as a night light, and despite its diminutive size, it can be rather loud. You may set timers for 30, 60, and 90 minutes or leave it running continually. If you use a timer, the battery should last a few nights and charge through USB-C.

6. Morphée-

One of our less expensive alternatives will work better if you only need noise to fall asleep to. Although similar elements are also present in Morphée’s meditation machine—I especially adore the cat purring and fireplace sounds—I prefer the meditations intended to put you to sleep deeply. You can take it with you just by unplugging it. The white noise machine appears to be a tiny music box! 

The eight themes are body scan, breathing, movement, visualizations, cardiac coherence, napping, calming music, and nature sounds. Each subject comprises eight sessions, all of which can be completed in eight or 20 minutes. The visualization theme has several storylines for the male and female voices. A more compact Zen variant is coming, as was stated at CES 2022.

7. Google Nest Mini-

Do you own a smart speaker, such as a Google Nest Mini? Congratulations, you already own a sound system that can produce white noise in addition to other sounds. If you don’t stop the ambient noise, a simple query like “Hey, Google, help me relax” will start after 12 hours. Additionally, you can request particular noises, such as rain, a fireplace, a rustic night, or a babbling brook. You may also set up a bedtime routine with Google speakers (read more about routines). Any Google speaker can use these functionalities.

8. Amazon Echo Dot With Clock (5th Gen)-

You can choose sounds like a whale, a dishwasher, or a washing machine by enabling the Ambient Noise Alexa skill on any Amazon Alexa speaker. Numerous additional Alexa sleep-sound abilities are available. If you ask Alexa for white noise or sleep noises, she might even suggest some. Find white-noise playlists on Spotify or other music streaming services like Prime Music by performing a search.

9. LectroFan EVO-

The LectroFan EVO masks squalling kittens, barking dogs, and snoring roommates, as well as better than similar-priced devices thanks to electronically created noise alternatives in various frequencies (including white, pink, brown, and fan noises). It has simple settings, a larger volume range than the other devices we tested, and a small size that makes it portable and will only take up a little space on your nightstand.

10. AVANTEK White Noise Sound Machine-  

This machine provides a wide range of high-quality sounds, including white noise, fan sounds, and nature sounds. Users can choose the one that works best for them, promoting relaxation and masking background noises effectively. It allows for precise control over volume and sound intensity, enabling users to find the perfect setting for their preferences and needs. The adjustable timer also allows for automatic shut-off after a specified period, saving energy and ensuring a peaceful night’s sleep.

The machine utilizes advanced sound technology to produce clear and high-fidelity audio. This ensures that the generated sounds are soothing and natural, enhancing its effectiveness in promoting relaxation and sleep.


White noise machines are able to hide abrupt noises with their continuous sound so you are not immediately startled awake, and you stay sleeping as opposed to being awakened by a noisy neighbor or partner snoring. It’s the same idea as white noise if you’ve ever had a friend who insists they can only fall asleep with a fan on, the fan’s constant noise can block out other noises. This background noise may also aid in your ability to sleep.

White noise generators might not be effective for everyone, though. White noise machines frequently come with different sound options because some people can find the sound of white noise bothersome. Also, remember that some people could find white noise machines effective, while others might prefer other soundscapes or require complete silence. Finding which noises work for you may require some experimentation as it differs from person to person.

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